How to Manifest your Dreams with Synchronicty?

Let me tell you, when I have decided to live in alignment with my core values, things have started to change, things have started to shift. And now I am living the life that I dreamed for a long time. So that, I am helping the people to live the life they dreamed and desired. (Did you downland and do the CORE VALUES work. (if not yet click to download)
Of course, I have upside downs time to time but I see when I continue to focus what is important for me and what are my purpose, I see that I am supported by Universe.

Today, I had two great synchronicity. I was just very open requesting, desiring state for different two things and those came to me unexpectedly like big, funny surprises. I am so happy and grateful for being in this high frequency. I understood one more time that LAW of ATTRACTION is working and it is here to serve us. The only thing we need to align ourselves with it. How can we;

1- Just you ALLOW yourself OPEN to RECEIVE; 

Open your DOORS, Open your HEART fully to receive. Like a child. Be PLAYFUL, Be CURIOUS, look for CLUES. Stop acting like an ADULT in the CREATIVE state. Stop KILLING YOUR SOUL.


2- Be in a grateful state; be grateful for everything in your like and simply say THANK YOU. Have a gratitude journal and write every night from your heart what are you grateful for.

3- Be persistent, Do not ask for one time. Do not disappoint if it does not come the first time. Just do your homework. Do not look for what is lack. Just focus on what you have and be grateful. Say out loud ” I am happy and grateful for having this, and I am open to receive ten times more and thank you…”

 4- Be patient; do not ask and ask again, do not check how it can happen, just do your work, have faith, ask for what you WANT and wait, but not PASSIVE WAITING,


5- Be open the see the synchronicities; this means you aligned with universe vibration. You aligned with CREATIVE SOURCE.

This means the universe is supporting you to achieve your goal. Ask consciously “send me a message to understand I am on the right path”. You may receive a book advice from your friend; you will read a quote which empowers you to follow your bliss. You will find a mentor to guide you to achieve your desire.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Paulo Coelho – Alchemist

 6- Have a synchronicity journal- Whenever you face a synchronicity write it down, focus on, and send your gratitude to Creator (GOD, Universe). And follow the clues and get the message and,

7- Read positive psychology, manifestation books; like Science of Getting Right- Wallace Wattles, Ask And It’s Given-Learning to Manifest Your Desires- Ester Hicks, Secret-Rhonda Byrne.

8- Focus your DESIRES. Allow yourself to listen to your heart, your dreams, your desires.

When you find your path, you must not be afraid. You need to have sufficient courage to make mistakes.Disappointment, defeat, and despair are the tools God uses to show us the way.”

Write to me what message you received, which goals, desires you achieved by focusing and following this exercise.

Enjoy the process…

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