How to Master Your Leadership?

If you are high potential, successful person and desire to have meaningful career and life, have big impact on where you work; you need to master your leadership,



First, ask yourself these very deep questions: 

  1. How do I desire to serve to my position / my business?
  2. How do I want to serve my community?
  3. How do I desire to serve the world?

Here some tips for you how to master your leadership and make change your like and other people life;

1- Work on your presence; Focus on how you stand-up, stand-out, how you speak, how you act in different unexpected conditions.

2- Decide to play big;  Serch your potential, improve your skills, be biggest supporter to yourself.

3- Have an effective Relationship with your fears; Know your fears. Do not get rid of them quick, listen them, embrace them and transform them to positive achievements. Fears are signs of unmet needs.

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4- Speak your truth; Work on your unique message, learn how to speak your truth with ease and grace. Train yourself to be a good and impactful speaker,

5- Be real and authentic; Find your leadership style and work on it, show your real values, inspire people to be real and to be themselves as well,

6- Be creative; Do not underestimate your creative skills, if you know even some small creative spark in you, nurture it in different platform and express it outer world so you will be seen as strong problem solver and vision expander. Be the creator of your dream and other’s dream.

7- Nurture your desire and your team desire; Be the dreamer, be the visioner, be the game changer. Be the courageous person to inspire others too.

8- Be the source of safety and trust; Be the example of trust and safety so people drawn to you, trust you easily.

9- Live holistic lifestyle; Do not stuck only in your mind. Have balance in body & mind & spirit and emotion. Know your core values, listen your emotions and manage from your heart.

10- Work with mentor or coach to expand  your consciousness to live and act with your full potential. No one can be a master without being apprentice in the beginning. No one became a master without having a masterful teacher.

Alexender the Great had Aristo, Aristo had Socrates as a teacher, Socrates has Platon.

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