Know your Core Values, Create Legendary Life and Career

“Blaming people in our circumstance is nothing,

other than the lack of our individual core values.”
― Gladys Adevey

I know how important to know personal core values to have meaningful career and life. Knowing your core values gives you the opportunity to connect with what is important for you, what is meaningful, how do you want to see the world, how you desire to contribute the world. So you can connect with your heart desire, your true purpose and create your reality from there.

While I create my coaching business, myself needed to re-connect with my core values. I found that OUR CORE VALUES is OUR BIG WHY to create new. So I prepared a FREE core value e-book to find your core values.

If any reason, you lost connection with your values, you will feel anxiety, depression, out of integrity.

Based on my experience in my working life, I see, I need to re-connect time to time what is important and meaningful for me. And I found my core values with deep search and now I designed my life and my business based on these values; Freedom, Passion, Playfulness, Creativity, and Compassion.

How about you? How is your life going on? Are you living your best life? Are you living your best version based on your core values? Or;

– Are you feeling lost while you are doing your BEST?

– Are you searching meaning, but you feel it is an old story?

– Are you longing to connect with your HEARTH and you do not now how to connect within this busyness of business?

– Although you are doing your own business, but it became like an alien?

So, If your answers “Yes” to above, it is the time to tap into your CORE VALUES,

Click the link below and get the e-book, I prepared for you to find your CORE VALUES, true purpose, and true desires and connect with your Hearth.

Enjoy the process and share with what you found and if you have any A-HA moment.

Nilgün Yetis

Transformational Coach

for Meaningful Life & Business