What Kind of Freedom Are you Looking For?

We are all looking for freedom but we do not know where to look at it or what kind of freedom we need, we crave, we desire…

Some are looking for time freedom yet working harder and harder to get it,
Some of us desire financial freedom yet spent life to be slave in work life and loosing health,
Some of us earn money but did not have time and place or choice to spend or enjoy the money.
What I found about freedom is interesting: freedom actually 6 types;
  1. – Time Freedom

  2. – Financial Freedom

  3. – Location Freedom

  4. – Freedom of Expression Your thought

  5. – Freedom of Expression yourself

  6. – Freedom of Choice.


Do you feel any lack of those freedoms, or are you in satisfaction feeling. If not, what are you hungry for?

To me, while I was working for corporate as an executive, I saw and feel that, I was hungry for time and location freedom and expression of myself. I found how creativity important for me. I felt that my soul is dying due to none-creative environment.
Even if you do not know what are you hungry for, it can effect your metabolism. I release 22 pounds after I quit my job. I see that if you earn money in a not fulfilling environment, it can cause more stress and unhappiness.
So I took leap of faith and create a business which supports all those freedom and I see that it become a lifestyle for me. Now I am helping people who are looking to create their own reality and gain freedom at all level.
Our thoughts are creating our result.

How about you?

Do you think stuck, unhappy, unfulfilled and looking for an opportunity to have better fulfilling life? What is the definition of better life for you or freedom?
If you need a clarity talk regarding your next step, I am here to help you. Have  look below and just e-mail me (nilgun@nilgunyetis.com), what you need and we can arrange a complimentary call..
Have a great week,

Nilgün Yetis

Transformational Coach
Body & Mind & Spirit & Emotion