My Interview Series #4- Lydia Lee Freedom Based Lifestyle Coach

Freedom Based Business: un-conventional way of working and doing business. Actually this is new way of doing business or we can say “new business”, “new economy”. I am one of the freedom-based business owner. Why this is invented. Because we bored being in limited environment, limited relationship (especially finding like minded people around us), limited creativity, may be limited with nature too. Using increased amount of online tool and curiosity to visit, know other people and other parts of the World, we desired to break old habits and we look for a new way of doing things.

I met Lydia, while I am searching some more info about Ubud  for my previous ““Freedom Based Business Workshop” in Istanbul, I came across with Lydia Lee and her work.

Ubud is a co-working coffee & office in Bali for freedom based business owners who are working there are chasing new way of doing work. Lydia works sometimes there and gives lessons, workshops and co-work with other business owner & trainers.

I so inspired her approach, her freedom spirit, her passion of doing freedom-based business and I would like to do interview with her too. I contacted her, she accepted and we did this interview. I am so inspired with her energy and passion of doing business in this way. When you watch the interview above you can see and understand what I mean.

If you are also freedom chaser, and looking forward to living abroad, may be like a nomad, I highly encourage you to talk and work with Lydia and see how you can work. You can find more details from her website

Sky is the limit.

Have a great day and life with the freedom you desire to have,

Nilgun Yetis

Business & Success Coach