My Interview Series # 3 Lauren White-Wellness and Transformational Coach

We’ve all heard the expression, “We are what we eat.” But actually the truth is, we are what our bodies can do with what we eat.  So if you are busy with business life it is very important to get right support from expert and know how body receive food, how to process, which one is good for your body and mind even for your soul.

Lauren says,

“ Our thoughts make us who we are, and so in order to totally  transform, we must make empowered decisions that are in harmony  with what we truly need and want. ”

She is helping women to transform themselves deep down, inside-out. She had started her coaching career as a Weight Loss Coach to Nutritional Therapist to Transformational Coach.

Her approach is holistic, body & mind & spirit and emotions. That’s why I feel close to her approach. It is similar philosophy with my coaching approach.

Please find below our conversation about her story, her life and her business…

If you are looking deep  and long lasting transformation Lauren Lola is one of the best coach for that, she can help not only body, fitness aspect, she can help emotional, mindset, confidence and business success aspects too. Her website:

Take healthy action for your  body & mind & soul.

Have a great day,

Nilgun Yetis

Business & Success & Transformational Coach

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