Art of Thinking Big

Thought leaders say;


Which word seems more sympathetic: Think Big or Think Small. Do you feel inspired by thinking small or being in a small box? It might be comfortable for a while, but if you keep yourself stuck in a small box, your light, and your desire will dim and after some time, it will inevitably burn-out.

We tend to fit the box; we tend to fit the community rather thinking Big, right?

Can you think different? Can you expand beyond cultural and gender conditioning?

If you desire to create BIG IMPACT in the field of your expertise, help more people, contribute the growth of Life and the World, you need to Think Bigger and Bigger.  NOT ONLY THINK BIG, THINK FORWARD, think about theFUTURE. Be a FUTURIST. You do not need to be someone else. You do not need to be Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Bill Gates to do this (They start as youngsters, and kept their perseverance to get this state). You can start as you are, regardless of age or experience. You can start where you are right now and say “YES” to your dreams and your desires.

What kind of business do you want to have, what size of business? What kind of life do you want to live, what kind of world do you want to live in? To whom do you want to be of service, what changes do you want to influence via your products and your service? Do not tackle the ominous current Economical, social, political situation. If you THINK BIG, you raise your vibration; you open your creativity channels, and you start to create life and a business you desired and dreamed.

 I am sure as you ACT AS yourself, you will be an individual who impacts the future in a positive way.   Here’s a hint to help you think big.

Use your time wisely.  Use the %33 Rule;

1- Help %33 percent of your time, help other people grow, those who can learn from you, they might be younger, perhaps less experienced, perhaps financially challenged, the options are many, provide guidance, mentor.

2- Spend your time with Peers, spend %33 percent of your time with your friends, help people in your peer group.

3- Get Mentorship, spend %33 of your time engaging in receiving mentorship from people 10-20 years ahead of you. Not necessarily age related, experience. Get mentorship from people who have achieved in areas that you wish to achieve in; you may feel uncomfortable, but the guidance and clarity from someone who’s been through it will help you to start to shape your life to become a BIGGER GAME PLAYER.  Your mentor(s) will help bring you to a BIGGER THINKING STATE.

Watch Tai Lopez TED Talk, he is talking about this idea:

And as you see, you can start where you are now, and help other people to grow, get support from those who have already grown, and impact your daily life, your job, with this state-of-art approach and opportunities within your immediate surroundings will grow too…

If you want to be BIG, help people to become better and BIGGER too.

Have a great day and take conscious step to PLAY BIG…

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Nilgun Yetis

Success and Transformational Coach