Mindfull Walk-Silent Walk Meditation

I decide to share more about mindfulness in my post. Not because it is new to me, because I feel more confident to talk about it, promote it. Because I implement mindfulness last 2,5 years on myself and I see how helpful, how calming down the stresses, how powerful to shift awareness in daily life.

If “meaning”, “meaningful life and work”, “being in the moment” and “consciousness” are important for you, I highly recommend you to do more mindfulness practice daily.  So you will give better decisions, you will be more in the moment, you will be more enjoying the moment and you are much more alive person.

You can do mindfulness meditation in various format, 5 minutes- 10 minute or 20 minutes, calming down the mind and focusing what is alive in the moment. One type is mindfull-silent walking meditation and it works good for me. I like to be in nature and I like to listen nature, while I am listening nature, I calm down, I align with my spirit and mostly I return to home with singing.

Here is one of my recording my last Florence visit, while I am walking backyard of the countryside villa hotel garden;

The practice of mindfulness involves being aware moment-to-moment, of one’s subjective conscious experience from a first-person perspective.(1)

If you are not mindful you are either in past or in future and that’s cause more of the stress.

According to Professor Mark Williams (2011), Oxford University “Mindfulness is a translation of a word that simply means awareness. It’s a direct, intuitive knowing of what you are doing while you are doing it. It’s knowing what’s going on inside your mind and body, and what’s going on in the outside world as well.

You can try this type meditation in lunch time break or in the morning, and you can share your reflection with me. If you like this post please share with your friends and help the idea spread.

Have a nice and mindful weeks,

Nilgün Yetiş

Success and Transformational Coach


Resources to read: 1- http://www.mindfulnet.org/

2- http://www.mindful.org