I Received A Beautiful Birthday Gift From my Mentor

I got a perfect, magical, amazing birthday gift from my Mentor Gina Devee. To me, having fun in business is critical and I just experienced this first hand a few days ago when my mentor surprised me – very unexpectedly from my side- when she sang the Happy Birthday song to me, with her team, while she was doing her live Money Makeover Show on Periscope. You can watch full show and (my celebration around 25. minute) here:

I was delighted and thought, wow, how free and wonderful to take a moment in the middle of ‘work’ to sing and brighten someone’s day…

All started anew for me last year with my decision to give a perfect gift to myself. I established my business as a birthday gift last year, and my story has progressed from there.

Have you ever thought, do you really say “yes” to your desires, your deepest desires; do you feel you are connected and moving forward with your life?

Did you used to give yourself a gift…just to make your inner child happy? Did you used to talk to yourself to understand yourself more, or pretend not to talk to yourself so that you were not called “insane”…?

If you cannot give a gift to your inner child, give a gift to a child around you and see how happy she/he becomes, how her/his mood changes, how their eyes sparkle.

christmas-xmas-gifts-presents-mediumI gave this permission to myself last year (actually it started 2 ½ years ago and expand gradually). Granting this permission was not easy. First I needed to work on my mindset, body work, emotional cleaning work, wealth consciousness, and abundance mentality and how to be clear with my desires… And then things started to unfold. 

Everything is a work in progress, and as I continue to work on these mentioned areas, – because if you are like me, a go-getter, a high achiever type of person- you might have forgotten about yourself along the way.

It took a big effort for me to emerge from this deep lost place, but after that, I started to allow more supportive people into my life, a mentor came into my life and friendship environments and my presence blossomed.  Step by step I began to say “YES TO MYSELF”.

tq-051314-baconLast year I aimed to go to the USA –after lots of thinking and support from my mentor- just for a live coaching training session in Miami and also to visit my friend in LA – she kept inviting me for the last 4 years -but this decision took me not only to Miami, but also to Seattle, San Francisco and then more business related travel unfolded with fun as well, all within this year (Paris, Netherlands and Florence) and I spent more time with my family, more quality time, more supportive time. My relationships with my friends changed and I attracted new friends with a higher consciousness level to my life. Besides, I am getting more and more grateful.

Not only did I increase my travel, but also I expanded my courage as I increased my travel alone for business, I allowed myself to afford to invest to my desires, my business and the travels themselves; my excitements. I really developed the business-women and entrepreneurial mindset which is crucial.

If you really want a life and business that you desire:

  1. Connect yourself with your emotional and deep desires (you may hardly hear them now because you may have quieted the sounds of your inner voice a long time ago),

  2. Say yes to your true desires,

  3. And take action according to these desires and

  4. Commit yourself to make it happen.

  5. Get proper support from a Coach, Mentor and Experts,

  6. Have Faith in God/Universe and your path, TRUST THE PROCESS,

  7. Celebrate any and all small wins and big wins!

If you are ready to seek guidance and help clear your path, I am here to help you and I am here to help you to gain clarity.  I enjoy my coaching and transformation business, let me guide you.  I wish for you to have fun while reaching toward all of those dreams and desires that make you uniquely you, allowing yourself to be authentic, and in the moment and experience enjoyment…on your true life’s path.

Do you want 2016 one of your best year:

If you wanna say “YES” to yourself this year become international working coach, I encourage you to attend Gina Devee Academy, you are not only attending Academy, if you are attending via my link you will get 6 hours/ one month coaching, which is 1000 Dolar worth,  Click to read more about my offer and Gina Devee Academy…

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Look forward to support you..

Live the life and your each year as the best year of your life…


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