Are you Engaged in Meaningful Work?

Maybe you are involved in meaningful work, but it does not give you any sense of purpose, you’re not really engaged in the work and you might often feel depressed, meaningless and bored. Here’s why you might be feeling like this…because maybe, in your job, you can’t use your talents or you can’t serve or solve problems for people in a genuine and authentic way.

What is a job? What are we working for? For money, for fulfilment, for contribution or just for fun? Maybe it’s a combination of these things. In a hectic, complex working environment, saying “I am working for fun” would be a luxury, probably pretty unrealistic, don’t you think? But it is not. It is possible. If you find your work meaningful, you can feel the fun too, even in the midst of a hectic day, because your work is your deepest, sincere expression with your talents.

I liked Khalil Gibran’s poem about work, I’ve shared it before in Linkedin, take a moment to read it -“Meaning of Work.

Today I came across Alain De Button’s video about the meaning of work and it resonated with me.

He says that work should tap into 3 things;

1- Deepest sincere talented part of us,

2- Helps others to solve their problem, being of service to others,

3- Being Impactful with work.

And I will say being proud of the end result or process.

Take a look at your job, if you are not so happy at work, with work, maybe it’s because it’s not a part of you. I encourage you to look at this perspective too. There’s always time for change, think of what you should be doing with your time. We all have 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week. Your new job probably won’t happen overnight, but take time now to explore your possible future, to be fully engaged.

I wish for you to find and create Meaningful Work, to contribute to the world, with highest expression of your talents and with fulfillment.

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