Embrace your Dissatisfaction

“Being Grateful” is very important trait to attract more success, prosperity, happiness and joy into our life.



But sometimes we feel dissatisfied, right? We are not happy with the situation we were in. We believe deep into our heart that it can be better.

Dissatisfaction is not a sign of unhappiness, discontentedness. It is a sign that, you are not settling down for less and you are looking and knowing better can be created. You want more life, you want more energy, you want more beauty, more practicality or action…. Better could be done!

Your dissatisfaction is not because you are not to be grateful what you have, Your dissatisfaction is the sign of creativity.
It shows that you are now happy what you get now; you feel and you see better can happen and your soul is looking for that. It is creative energy…

It does not mean you are not grateful what you have, it means your soul wants better. So that’s why

heraclitus-of-ephesus-quote-the-world-is-nothing-but-a-great-desire innovation, science, art is developed. For example if you are not happy the chair you sit, you will look for more comfortable one, or your room is not illuminated well, you need more well lightened, spacious room, or change the bulb to work efficiently…

We need to develop ourselves continuously so that life unfolds and evolves in a better way.

So dare to dream, have big goals. Set your standards high to create better life and contribute to world in this way.

Do not settle for less; look and claim better service, better life, better environment. So, be the sample of change you want to see from others too.

Have a great week,


Nilgun YETIS

Success and Transformative Coach

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