How to be Visible at the Live Event

networking-quotesLive events are great possibilities to improve your business relationship and your visibility to new opportunities; even if you are doing your own business or you are working as professionals. Live events are full of business possibilities.

What are the live events: conferences, trainings, fairs and seminars.

In our business and daily life, we are attending a different kind of social or business event. Sometimes due to social anxiety or not to know how to act we fail to have good communication and connection. So that we miss the opportunity of new business relationship, friendship possibilities.

All this events are not only learning new information, but it is also excellent strategical possibilities to gain good quality, like-minded friendship, business colleagues or business partners. If you are in an online business, it is important to have a face-to-face connection as well as online connection.

Here I want to share some tips to overcome old paradigm, which keep you stuck and unseen- and shift to new, efficient implementation:

hellow– First of all smile.  Smiling face opens the most closed doors, and look at with positive attitude,

– So arrange a proper time to go live event. Set a yearly goal to yourself, how many live event you want to attend? Which are interesting for you and which one give you most return as a benefit? Set budget for events. Use this your marketing strategy.

– Attend live events based on your interests and go there before hand live event late. If the event is another city, go there one day before and live one day after and soak in. Go one day before to relax, and release tension from yesterday, be ready to the event with an open mind. Next day after the event, sit in a quiet, nice place, write down what you learned and gained from the event, take note and journal your insights and ideas.


-Do not let yourself busy by with checking your phone or try to show yourself how an important or busy person you are, event turn your phone off. Focus, this is your time. Use this time wisely. Take a deep breath, be open and be part of the event, stay at the moment. Observe around, look at how other people act and react. They are like you and looking somebody take initiative and talk to them. Be a leader of your life and day and take the first action.

– Try to make genuine connection with people, as them genuinely interested questions,

– Do eye contact with people, with interested eyes and smiles.

– Introduce and connect other people to each other, be the connector. This is high-value activities, and you will gain long term result.

networkw– Dress well. Dress shows your professionalism and covers most part of you. So be clever to represent yourself well.

– Set a goal to have a real connection with at least one person too.

– Ask questions during the event and while you are asking a question, tell who you are what is your job, business.

-Bring a good notebook, take notes during the event, if you meet interesting people, even take notes, what is interesting about them.

– Attend dinner, lunch, cocktail or coffee break with other attendees, be confident and relax to start communication. If you feel yourself not good at socialising, don’t worry, we all passed same roads. Read some books how to initiate communication, and how to overcome your social anxiety, or you can get professional help too. Do not tackle old limiting belief.

The world is waiting for you to help you to PLAY BIG.

Nilgun Yetis 

Success and Transformational Coach

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