Art of Travel- Art of your Life, Lessons from lost luggage

villa rolla

I did not mention in the previous posts, but my luggage did not arrive Florence with me. It was sad in the beginning, because, it was night, I was tired, and I desired to go soon to relax and enjoy beautiful Hotel Villa Cora for the next day, but I  had to deal with reporting.

Not only me, also 6 other people  in the same flight,  from Australia, did not receive their bags. After I had arrived at the hotel, I learned my friend from London also did not receive her luggage. I felt I am not alone… Finally a bad luck did not caught me only. We laughed. I felt compassion to myself and my friend. There might be some unforeseen conditions so we need to learn to deal with it. Delays at all the flight that day caused this result.

Since I was attending an important event next day, I put important stuff in carry-on luggage. So it was my preparedness. But due to last minute preparation I forget to put some urgent-use items too.

During the whole trip I did not get any good news regarding my luggage, even hotel staff and I checked and wrote again and again. And, before fly to Turkey, I asked at the Florence Airport and I learned that it was going to arrive 1.5 hour later than my I departure. I laughed, I felt happiness and joy. I am going to get my goodies.

Alain de Button says about travel in his book Art of Travel;

“Few things are as exciting as the idea of travelling somewhere else. But the reality of travel seldom matches our daydreams. The tragi-comic disappointments are well-known: the disorientation, the mid-afternoon despair, the lethargy before ancient ruins. And yet the reasons behind such disappointments are rarely explored.”

villa cora benAlthough I had quite a traveler, I realize doing travel by yourself as solo-preneur is more harder than arranging a holiday trip. I desired to have business and travel together.  So, fortuity or universe showed me I had some places to learn and master in travel; such as how to prepare luggage masterfully, how to make a masterful trip plan, how to use my time wisely, how to meet new people and make friendship..etc.

My first learning;

Don’t loose your lust and gusto with your luggage.

Enjoy the moment and stick to your previous plan and desires to do, also be connected with your intuition  and open to miracles and to move forward.

My last minute arrangements with connecting intuition and desires bring me this beautiful villa hotel in Tuscany. Villa Castigiliano

My last minute arrangements with connecting intuition and desires bring me this beautiful villa hotel in Tuscany. -Villa Castigliano-

I will admit, this time I was last minute arranger and I was a bit sad I will be alone second part of my trip, although I was expecting one of my friend might join me. But Again every unforeseen condition will teach us something and let us grow:

“It seemed an advantage to be traveling alone. Our responses to the world are crucially moulded by the company we keep, for we temper our curiosity to fit in with the expectations of others…Being closely observed by a companion can also inhibit our observation of others; then, too, we may become caught up in adjusting ourselves to the companion’s questions and remarks, or feel the need to make ourselves seem more normal than is good for our curiosity.” 
― Alain de BottonThe Art of Travel

So I am happy that I got my lesson from this event, and I want to share with you to assist your next gorgeous travels:

1-Treat your trip as a Project; prepare technical background and support system well. 

Especially if you are in freedom-based business. Your trip will be a part of the business and so be well prepared.

I- Plan Ahead- arrange your trip 15-day advance, prepare your luggage one day in advance. My tendency was giving less time to arrange my luggage. I was more practical before, because I was going to short trips. Not like now- business & leisure. So I need to develop new muscle. So it is better to plan ahead and live the remaining to God (universe). I did not prepare my luggage before hand. I was another trip to my family house, so I came home one day before, and I was passing flu.. [bctt tweet=”Planning ahead will give you flexibility”].

II- Use a checklist for your trip and luggage- I like to be in the flow. This time I thought “it is Europe, close place and I know how to travel, why should I use or think about checklist.” [bctt tweet=”The reality is not like that; checklist reduces preparation time and you will have much more functional luggage.”] (you can find different ready made checklist from internet according to your lifestyle and family size)

Be Chique during your travel. Casual chique. Don’t you like that? Even in sportive clothes, imagine how you can be chique and dress accordingly and represent yourself. I will suggest you to create one list for the domestic flight, one list for international flight.

Check the weather conditions and be ready to weather.

III- Arrange your flight powerfully- 

floransa kopru–  Be a member of an airline which you flight most. Get frequent flyer cards and earn while you are traveling.

– Have priority pass card and use lounges in so many airport and travel more elegant way.

– Use good option online reservation options for me, good options. And for ticket arrangements I use, .

IV- Arrange to stay nice & beautiful hotel 

villa dora3– To me it is either 4-star hotel, local boutique hotels, local nice pensions or villa as I stay this time..

– Check the hotel wi-fi connection before- so you do not worry about connection speed while you are working. You can read feedbacks about that hotel before booking.

– If you can find a good local tour agency who are helping you for your hotel and ticket arrangements, you can use them to gain more time and support too.

V- Travel Insurances –

Make travel insurances, not only for travel health insurance but also travel insurance If you are frequent flyer you can buy one-year insurance for both of them.

2. Make Daily and Bi-Weekly plan

[bctt tweet=”Time precious- plan ahead to get most joy and happiness.”]

– Be your tour guide (Masculine mood)– check on the map where you may visit, you will surprise to see some your wish list places are on your way.

– Check some tour options for full day and half day tour. So you will be receiving mood (feminine mood)

– Be flexible to changes. İt will be weather, it will be some good attraction, business opportunities..

20151006_164858_resized– Be curious to know about that country- do not limit yourself with your sources. If you are curious to know more about life and universe, you will get synchronicity to enjoy the time and place. Shopping, historical places, handcrafts, natures, local people, what attract you to see, be there. For me – if I like to city, I like to buy a handcraft locally unique to there.

– Keep a journal in your pocket and write your notes and inspirations. After you return you my write a post, share with your friends or your family.

– Think about your upcoming project before the trip and prepare yourself for return. You might need some extra rest, massage and lots of things to finish.. It is better to plan in advance, give yourself enough time to relax and continue smoothly your days and business.

3- Money Management and Security

Don’t be stingy to yourself. This is your trip, this is your business. Enjoy every moment. Make a good and flexible budget to enjoy more local beauties (food, entertainment, handcrafts..) Give yourself permission to feed your curiosity.

– If you can have 2 separate credit cards have it and divide your paper money and records into two part and keep one in pocket and keep safe place like locker room.

– Make  list of immediate person’s phone numbers and keep it in the room. If you need any help you can reach them with ease.

Enjoy every moment of your journey, conquer your old conditioning and create legendary journeys for body & mind & soul.