Top 10 Wealth Creation Books

This week I would like to recommend you some important wealth creation books that I read, read again, implemented and benefited. Within my money consciousness journey, I understood money management entirely a mindset issue; it was created, seeded while we were child and while we face some life trauma or difficulties.

Reading right wealth books will help you to get the right mindset and to take the right action. Because being poor is totally result of a scarcity mindset. Most of our sufferings are happening because of scarcity mindset- lack of sources, lack of love, lack of time, lack of job… etc.

I will tell you reading these books only one time will not be enough. You need to read over and over again. How current thinking created over and over again, it can be unraveled to work on it over and over again.

I like to share this information because I desire to assist increasing abundance mentality in humanity. Click to continue to read.  Let’s dive in:

1- Science of Getting Rich – Wallace D. Wattles

2-Debt of Life – What It Is and How To Repay It- Simona Rich

3- Millionaire Mind- Harv Eker

4- Rich Dad-Poor Dad- Robert T. Kiyosaki

5- Think and Grow Rich- Napoleon Hill

6- Money is My Friend- Phil Laut

7- Richest Man in Babilon- George S. Clason

8- The Greatest Salesman in The World- Og Mandino

9- Alchemist- Paulo Coelho

The Story in this book shows where the treasure in. Even if you read it before, I highly recommend reading Alchemist after reading one of other book listed here.

10- Soul of Money- Lynne Twist

Now it is your time to declare your wealth mindset and act on it.

Have a great wealthy and meaningful days,



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