October Full Day & Half Day Intensives in Florence

Next week I am flying to Florence for my final part of The Academy – Business Mastery Training. It was year along journey beside my coaching training, both together was a bit demanding for me, but I am grateful that I did this training. It was full of new online business implementation information, tools and tactics and it is the time to implement them more and helping you to improve your business and your online presence.

Let’s meet in Florence,

It might be a short notice for you, but if you are near the Florance, or if you are if you want to give yourself half da your full day, I am here to help you.

Italy is very important country for me. I followed one of my soul calling in 2005 and I did soul journey to my soul to Italy by myself. I enjoy to go there and see any part of it. Now I want to meet with you in Florance, where the new thinking started, too.

Art, history, commerce, music, architecture, food, fashion, sightseeing. You can infuse lots of things all together. That’s why all my creativity and aesthetic, artistic needs are meet when I go there.

If you want to feel this senses, and connect with your soul calling, I would like to meet there with you and talk about your desires, your creativity, your business and you.


Let’s meet in Florance to create your Renaissance,  

Italy is the place where the Renaissance started and  an era closed; medieval time, dark times, unscientific times, suppressed times.

Renaissance brought light to Medieval darkness, gave art, gave beauty, gave knowledge to the humanity; gave growth, gave expansion.

villa dora

Now it is time to create your own Renaissance.

It is your New Era!

Renaissance: A new birth, or revival.

Let me assist your rebirth this Autumn. Let’s give yourself permission to go out from your cage.

It is your time! It is your Era! Give yourself permission to go out and chase you dreams;

  •  If you are high performer,
  •  Creative,
  • Multi-passionate,
  • Highly educated and less valued,
  • High achiever ( old version of high- performer)
  • If you have artist or artistry or ecstatic needs very important for you and you want to bring to earth,
  • If you want to STAND-OUT with your uniqueness in International Business World


I am here to help you.

It will be Half Day or Full Day Intensive. To look in details with your

– True Hearth Desires,

– True Purpose

– True Authenticity,

– True Voice

So you will be STAND-OUT from crowd and live with your own terms.

Let’s book a discovery session and talk about details and then you will start to pick-up your luggage to come to Tuscany.