Blessing my sweet home

HoneycombHow often do you bless your home? or do you believe, blessing or showing respect to your home will make changes into your life and your mind?

I believe so. I sometimes do, I forget sometimes. But I will tell you; whenever I do blessing & praying for my home, I feel more connected and more in harmony with my home too. I observed that I do these things more when I am in flow… As today.

Because today  morning I had a very good pier coaching with one of my coach friend and later I had a very good piano lesson. Even piano lesson’s time changed unexpectedly I was angry first, but I wanted to do it today. I was longing to start this lesson for two days. It was second time change. Anyway we aggreed earlier time with trainer, so I had to be quick to tidy-up home. I was tired, but I want to have a good piano lesson and it was the first time in my home. To respect this, I need to clean shortly. I said to myself “don’t rush, just you think you can do it in short time too, with smiling state”. And yes, I cleaned without putting me more stress.

So, I felt more in flow, our piano lesson was great, more fun and learning.  Even I felt the food tastes much more better this morning and evening- I was grateful for this too- It was so good satisfaction state. I believe it is also related with how much you open your house to be your own house. Like being really at home. Like it is being comfortable in your own skin, and I send my prayer to my home. So I want to share my mantras and pray with you too.

Here is how I do my blessing:

home-sweet-home1- Sometimes I do incense with some kind of local herbs or sage (sage is more common globally).

2- Every morning when I get up I open all doors and windows to get fresh air.

3- If I forget to open any room window  that I use less, I smelt dust quickly or closed room smelt, and I open the window or door. with opening doors, I feel I bring more life in the room as we take breath get more life into us.

4- I clean the house, I remove all unnecessary items -which I keep for sometimes-.

5- I buy flowers sometimes,

6- I listen nice good calming music,

7- I send my appreciations and gratitude to my home and pray for my home protection, and I say some mantras.

My mantras:

1- I love my home, and I feel happy and grateful being in it. 

2- I love and appreciate my home so that’s why I like to keep tidy and clean.

3- I love my home, so I like seeing it clean, tidy and peaceful.

4- I am happy and grateful that I have peaceful home, peaceful mind,

5- Only good people and good energy can enter to my home,

6- I am divinely protected and safe at my home,

7- I am grateful being in abundance at my home and everywhere.

Even if you do not believe those right now, try to do it with peaceful mind and you will see some small things that you haven’t recognised and/or you will bring more abundance, peace and joy at your home,

Have a happy, blissful home,