Subtlety of Style- Give A Soul to your Style

When I decide to be in the freedom-based business lifestyle, I try to surround myself with creativity, places and people.

What I found it is more enjoyable than I could imagined. lots of fun, laughter, joy, play, exploration in it, which surprised me and put a big smile on my face. Today was one of those days. ı planned my creative writing lesson in front of beautiful Ilıca seaside. When I arrived, my coach was already there, found a very beautiful place right on the water. from the moment, I saw him and place I get excited and my spirit rose.

But when I sat down he said today we will work on writing poetry. It was a big surprise for me. But what to do… he is the coach and he asked me to move out of my comfort zone. First I was anxious, but he explain to me how apply poetry into my writing, so I became interested. He explained me a different style and we wrote this Shakespearean Sonnet. Taking inspiration from romantic poetry, we wrote out sonnet describing beauty around us. So here you are:


Oh, Tranquility! No noise and no sound.

Sitting in the warmth of the sun, sheltered

By the shade, and feeling the breeze surround

Us, listening to the lapping water.

We are blessed with turquoise, the breeze serene,

The light blue and white, red rooves and green hills,

This place is blessed, the Poesy of this scene

Fills my soul, this beauty, it feeds my will.

Listening to the silence, the whisper

Of my soul called out to me, set me free,

And brought me here, at one wıth the espers

Of this Earth, which became a part of me.


I hear my heartbeat, and know that I’m free;

I found the world which resonates with me.

I wish you great time with your creativity, just allow to try new things. You will love it.


 Nilgun YETIS

Business and Success Coach

Lifestyle & Confidence & Wealth


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