These days I decide to give a break due to heavy schedule of my training content creation for my business and do something which I miss doing… Although developing your company a creation process, I felt bored and constrained with constant learning and doing the similar things. So I decide to give a break and play with colors, which I was postponing from last summer… a voice from my soul recently keep telling me “touch the colors”, “paint something”, “go to painting workshop” but I was not listening carefully.

When I fee I was overwhelmed and exhausted, finally ı decide to do some paintings and slow down my works and have started the painting workshop in my neighborhood, which was opened last June. I started with crayon and now doing watercolor painting and love it. I felt I lost myself while doing it. For this time, I really understand why art is advised to patients as a healer. Playing with colors definitely reduced my stress and increases my joy, passion and creation energy.

My very first crayon work. I enjoyed doing this.

My very first crayon work. I enjoyed doing this.

I will definitely advise you follow your intuition to go and make a change and try new things. I was doing miniature art last 3 years, I was thinking it will be hard to do another kind of painting but with starting these lessons. I found how easy and joyful to play one media (crayon, watercolor, acrylic) to another and mixed together too.

Seven lessons I took from these painting experiences;

1- If you are bored with doing one thing, try to do another type of creativity, your joy and passion will come back,

2- Never think you will not talented unless you tried and persistent and passion,

My latest water color painting from sunday "me time"

My latest water color painting from sunday “me time”

3- You will meet different people and you will learn their stories, share their life and learn and support each other. It will give richness to your life,

4- Follow your intuition, it will guide you what is the place and media for healing and enjoying,

5- Sometimes good to have a teacher to improve your skills or extract your skills, don’t force yourself to try by yourself. Enjoy the process with your teacher.

6- During your process you may find teacher could not support you anymore, don’t be sad or disappointed for that, Sometimes you need to change teacher, some teacher are not aligned with your needs, and you need to change teacher to take yourself next level,

7- Be curious to read something related with art and how to implement it into your daily life because it is the highest way of expression of humanity.

Create a life that you enjoy to live,


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