My leadership defenition

I want to share my insights about leadership and discuss what “leadership” means to me.  First and foremost, leadership has to come from hearth, and has to be developed with those skills and intent:

1- Brake your barriers. Withouth braking your barriers, people cannot follow you, will not belive in you,

2- Take responsibility for your life. Mastering leadership and management are first step towards taking responsibility for your own life. Manage yourself. Without managing yourself, managing others and leading others willl be impossible.

3- Take initiative. Without taking right action, right initiative, all thoughts will remain theoratical. Develop yourself take intiative without asking permission from others.

4- Follow your intuition. Intiution is your gut feeling, that will bring you to the right place. Learn how to improve and follow your gut.

Be the kind of leader, you want to follow….

Tell me, how do you define leadership? How would act as leader?

Please add and share your ideas and values about leadership below,