Why Should You Set an Intention?

Merriam-Webster defines intention as, “a determination to act in a certain way … syn. AIM, PURPOSE, DESIGN, END, OBJECT, OBJECTIVE, GOAL,” and by as, “An act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.”

Although these definitions give us some important hints, I found the explanation offered by Brene BROWN, Ph.D. (Brené BROWN is a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work. She has spent the past decade studying vulnerability, courage, worthiness, and shame.) in her book, “The Gifts of Imperfection,” to be far superior:

For me, setting intentions is a power move. It’s how I bring clarity, meaning and purpose to my day, my meetings, a conference call and even daily conversations. Setting intentions helps you get clear about why you’re doing something (clarity), why it’s important to you(meaning) and how it moves you closer to your values (purpose).

Imagine yourself starting your daily actions or duties with an INTENTION. Wouldn’t it feel better to have a definite goal in your daily movement? Wouldn’t it feel better to have meaning and clarity? Wouldn’t it feel better to connect closely with yourself, and your core values?

By voicing your intentions, you will bring a clear focus to your day; it will grant clarity of thought — something everyone desires — expanding your knowledge and self-awareness.

What outcome do you desire? What do you want to create?

These questions can only be answered by determining your own intentions.

When your awareness expands, you can manage your relationships, your day, and even your business.

You will be healthier and stronger, more supportive and joyful. Imagine living life with motivation, with clear purpose. Wouldn’t it be spectacular? It is not hard to start; in fact, I can give you some easy tips to get you on your way towards a new life. Set these as your intentions, and you’ll witness the transformation from within:

  1. Intend to eat a healthy breakfast, every day,

  2. Intend to start every day with smiling eyes, no matter what happens. Welcome the day,

  3. Intend to sum up and finalize an ongoing project, and open up space for new and better,

  4. Intend to look at things with püre curiosity and a desire to bring meaning into your life. with grace and gratitude projects Welcome on new experiences.

As Brené BROWN stated;

“Remember: An intention is a starting place, something to reflect on. You can ask yourself to become awake to the possibility of your intention and to begin practicing it. As long as we are creating, we are cultivating meaning, and that is an important part of living a wholehearted life.”

What is your intention for today, or for this week? Please share below and if you like this post, please share with your community and spread the idea…