One Word

One word can change everything. One word can more powerful with meaning given by you.

It is all about focus. It all about giving attention to it. It is all about how you want to shape your future; it is all about how to shape your year.

  • one wordAre you pro-active or re-active?

  • How do you live your life?

  • Are you living with INTENTION? or following the crowd?

How you make yourself ready for the new day? New year? Do you have set goals? How many? What is your core value? How do you decide these goals are meaningful? Are you going only flow or setting attention, take necessary action and LET IT un-fold.

One word is an action word is found by Co-authors Dan Britton and Jimmy Page of the book “One Word That Will Change Your Life”, how your year unfold and shaped if your intention and focus on ONE WORD?. How will be if you select this one word with INSPIRATION, what if you select with core needs? for your grow, for your contribution to the world?

Last year I selected “ALLOW” and it helps me to follow my dream, follow my bliss and things and opportunities were opened more than my imagination. If you ALLOW, your desires can happen to you, it can happen for you too.

My 2015 ONE WORD is “SIMPLIFY”. Simplify unnecessary materials, unnecessary action, relationships, interest. How will be if I can simplify my life? I understand that, I will have more time to create, more time to enjoy; more time to contribute to the world based on my core values.

In my opinion, This One Word not only important for personal goal, it is also important for company new year goal, team goalfamily goal, relationship goal, community goal.

Let’s select your one word and share below and give promise to yourself to follow and stick to achieve the result you DESIRE.

Please share your ONE WORD below to inspires others. If you select ONE WORD for your team also please share below.

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Let’s Create life that you desire